A lot of B2B brands only create top-of-the-funnel explainer videos. A video marketing strategy shouldn’t end at the top of the funnel if you expect ROI.

Aberdeen has found 60% of best-in-class companies are now using video from initial awareness through to post-sale. Today’s customers go through more than half of the buying process on their own, so it’s important to have a series of videos on your website to guide potential customers to purchase.

  • By Integrating video into a marketing automation system so you can track your video analytics and get proper insight from your video marketing.

  • Generate leads based on their interaction with your videos.

  • Measure how long videos are being watched and how users are engaging with the video.

  • Provide this valuable data to the sales team.

  1. Video in the Awareness Stage

The top of the marketing funnel is where you create brand awareness. You’re letting people know about your company and how your product or service can resolve the issues of your potential customers. So brand awareness videos occupy the majority of this segment.

The objective here is to get a lot of views and shares on social media. So, viral and engaging videos are the priority at this stage.

How to do it:

  • Try to spark an emotion through your videos. That’s the secret to virality. These give an incentive for viewers to view and share videos.

  • Awareness is all about telling the world who you are, so create videos that show off your company culture.

  • Add fun videos to your blog so you can rank better on search engines add drive traffic to your website.

  1. Video in the Engagement Stage

The primary use of having videos is better communication with your audience. At this stage, the key is to inform and not sell at this stage.

The objective here is to share information and content that are useful to your audience and keep them interested in what you have to say.

How to do it:

  • Create how-to videos centered on your products and host webinars for topics that your audience would be interested in.

  • Webinars can be used to educate the buyer as they consider different solutions to their problem.

  1. Video in the Nurture Stage

It’s difficult to directly convert viewers into customers. This is why every marketing campaign has a lead nurturing phase prior to purchase. So it’s important to nurture leads through independent video campaigns.

The objective here is to build e-mail subscriber base through form submissions and CTAs within the video.

How to do it:

  • At this stage, the number question in your viewer’s mind would be – “Can this really help MY problem?” And the best way to prove that it is to show them how other customers have benefited from the various solutions out there.

  • Social Proof is a very strong psychological trigger. So have great customer testimonial videos at case study videos ready at your disposal.

  1. Video in the Purchase Stage

Now your leads are ready to purchase.

Close the deal with an explainer video. Make sure your sales team has the best possible tools to close that deal.

You need great product demos, of course, but sales videos can go well beyond that.

Make sure your sales rep knows which videos each prospect has watched, to give the rep context and full insight into the prospect’s areas of interest.

The objective here is to explain exactly how your product or service works and to showcase how your product stands out from your competitors.

How to do it:

  • Product demos are a great way to build trust and authenticity of your product. 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after seeing a product demo video. Have this video right next to the product description and add a CTA to purchase.

  • Personalized videos are the game changers in marketing. Create personalized videos and integrate them with your email marketing system. This will give your sales team a big edge in impressing new leads to purchase.

  • There are many video websites like Vidyard that offer video creation tools. So now your sales team can easily follow up leads through personal videos.

  • You can even use a video to train your sales team on the latest messaging when selling a new product.

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