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Want to make a YouTube Video? Basic tips to start it correct.

Want to make a YouTube Video? Basic tips to start it correct.

Out of the many things the internet has to offer us, both good and bad, YouTube is probably one of the best of them. This is one platform that houses information about almost anything you would want, sometimes more than what you’d like to see really. Nonetheless, YouTube has become an integral part of our generation and for many, has become a ritual. For example, I need to visit YouTube at least once a day to get my daily dose of recreation, and I’m sure a lot of you will relate.

Living in a generation of modern tech, YouTube is a great platform for one to make videos and spread a message out. It can be any kind of a video, as long as you adhere to YouTube’s guidelines. But, if you go through some of the beginner’s videos, most of them are not at all up to the mark. The problem is, YouTube videos may look all fun and easy, but they aren’t. A lot of effort goes into making a single video and still, flaws can be found.

If you’re up to the task and want to make a YouTube video, listed below are some of the tips you will find useful.

Basic Tips to Make a YouTube Video


Casey Neistat, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, PewDiePie, MKBHD, KSI – If you watch YouTube or you’re active on social media, you are familiar with these names. They are some of the most successful YouTubers who have made it big by just producing medias and creating an impact in the society (both negative and positive, ha-ha). You know how they got it right? By making their first video impressive.

I’m not saying that you have to become a YouTuber or anything, but if do want to become one or you just want to make a YouTube video, listed below are some of the basic tips that you need to follow: –

1) Have a proper idea for your video.

Before you execute anything creative, you need a proper idea to back it up. Same goes for a YouTube video. Before you start making the video, come up with a proper idea which will help you shape your video perfectly. Consider these three ways to come up with a brilliant idea: –

  • Try writing a script to help you settle on a video genre.

  • YouTube hosts thousands of trends. So, you can consider using any current trend for your video.

  • You can also make a YouTube video for a personal purpose, to share your experience with a vast audience.

2) Have proper footage.

This is a given, but a lot of amateurs get it wrong. Before you make a YouTube video, you need to have proper footage hat is not only relevant for the video but will also captivate the audience and transcend something meaningful.

Your content or footage can be something original that you’ve shot, an old home movie, something commercial, or a montage of photos you’ve taken previously. But, do make sure that the footage you decide to include does not violate copyrights. YouTube is pretty strict when it comes to that.

3) Make sure to have proper lighting.

Lighting is essential to any kind of video-making, as we all know. Without a properly lit background, your video will not only be unappealing, but will also fail to have any value (since nobody can see anything obviously).

Therefore, to avoid such embarrassment, choose a proper timing during the day when the sky is bright and the sun is out, and shoot your footage. Proper lighting will make your video look much better and will help it have a lot more quality.

4) Edit your video.

Editing is an optional but a better idea as well, to make a YouTube video. Obviously, there will be parts of your footage that you would like to exclude from the video, or maybe you want to change the look and feel of it. Editing a video gives it a personal touch and increases the chances for your video to look better to the audience.

5) Setup a YouTube account.

Probably the most obvious step but in case you miss it, setup your YouTube account in order to make and upload your videos. You will require a free user account with Google before you upload a video on YouTube.

If you already use Google Photos, Gmail, or any other Google services, you can use the same information to upload videos on YouTube.

6) Record your video footage.

Once you’ve decided on what you’ll make the video, why you want to make the video, and what props you’ll require for it, then it’s time to get to work. Use your desired camera and start recording the footage. You may have to record several takes, which is absolutely normal for a beginner. Also, record more footage than what you plan to use. You can edit out the extra bits but this will you to not worry about less video content or the perfect timing from the beginning portions.

7) Purchase a dedicated microphone.

Would you like to watch a video where you could barely hear anything? No, right? Well, that is what you should also remember while making your video. A properly sound quality can make or break your YouTube video. For this reason, consider purchasing a decent microphone that will be compatible with your recording device and ultimately provide a great sound quality.

8) Speak clearly.

This goes hand in hand with the tip that you just read. Even if you use a great microphone, unless you speak properly, the viewers will not be able to understand what is being conveyed through the video. Speaking clearly and loudly into the microphone will serve a dual purpose of capturing the audience’s attention as well as making the most of your audio quality.

9) Be cautious of what you share.

Finally, my last tip would be for you to remain cautious of what you share in your video. Yes, your audience is anonymous but social media is a risky place, as you already may know. You never know who can grasp what information from your video. Thus, think before you speak and make sure you’re not letting out any confidential or sensitive information that can turn out to be harmful. Stay safe.

Now that you’ve read through the tips, make sure you follow them and you will have a great YouTube video in no time! Making and uploading YouTube videos are a great way to let people know what you want to say and by following the tips given here, you can make your YouTube video efficiently. All the best!