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11 Benefits of Whiteboard Animation.

2017-06-19 13:21:27
11 Benefits of Whiteboard Animation


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Various kinds of animated videos are available in the market. But whiteboard animation is the one which can hit the mark and can make a start-up company to stand out from others. There are many reasons of why whiteboard animation helps to boost the conversions. Here are some of the benefits of Whiteboard animation.

  1. A Welcoming Introduction

For any start-ups, to achieve a memorable introduction, whiteboard animation is one of the perfect way.

  1. See the Idea From Birth

Whiteboard animation videos an engaging way to show your audience that how your business started with the idea, its development, and evolution and at present where you stand. Conveying the information is such a pleasant way will make your client understand your company better with enjoyment.

  1. Create a Positive Brand Image

Whenever a Whiteboard explainer video is made, it impacts on the concept, message, and image portrayed in the video. Thus a whiteboard video will not only inspire confidence in your company but also forms an overall brand image.

If the whiteboard animation video is made effectively, it can make wonder in creating a brand identity in the market. Another important point is an animation video can portray many corporate values associated with a brand in a creative and exciting way.

  1. Constant Movement

The constant movement in the characters involved in a whiteboard animation keeps the audience brain involved and engaged. If this all flows in an eye-catching order it can be quite hypnotic. To appeal various animation techniques can be added.

  1. Mix Animation Styles

A piece of infographics could be added into a picture sequence of sketch drawings, which allows you to not only to grab audience attention but also to convey lots of varied information in different ways.

  1. Convey Information in Little Time and for Low Cost

A whiteboard video is the best platform to convey huge information in less time and less cost. So by investing in whiteboard animation video, you will be making a great return of investment.

  1. Free Up Your Webpage

Instead of adding crowded text on your web page, you can free up your web page by adding whiteboard video as all the information can be conveyed through it properly with less time.

Too much text and mess can be devastating and make a website unappealing, so adding whiteboard video helps you to retain visitors and engage them on your web page.

  1. Explain Intangible Products and Services

By juggling up a set of images to explain a product or service, this medium can make things far easier to understand. Because of this reason any of the start-ups go with whiteboard animation to explain their products.


  1. Boost Sales and Other Conversions

The movement, images, appealing concept and script of a whiteboard animation video make it truly engaging, so the viewer often does not feel as though they are engaging in a marketing message or sales funnel.

When consumers are more relaxed, they are more likely to engage in the call-to-action at the end of a video, whether this is to navigate to another page on the website, make a purchase, or some other action.

  1. Videos are shared and get viral on social media

Social media likes videos and whiteboard videos are so entertaining and eye-grabbing that they are often liked and shared which results in acquiring a large number of views. A top-quality video can even be shared to the extent that it goes viral.

  1. Build Brand Recognition

Brand identity can be developed if the video goes viral and there are a large number of sharing of video. But where, how, and by whom an animated video is shared can influence the brand image to a great extent.

The nature of a start-up business and its objectives impact on the way whiteboard animation is best applied.

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