15 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

15 Insider Tips for Creating a Killer Explainer Video

Your business touches its peak when you start thinking like Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of the Wall Street. You find a way to grasp your audience’s attention and BINGO! You hit the jackpot. There are many ways of influencing the audience. One such method used by start-ups to quickly gain popularity is through shot animated videos. Such videos are called as Explainer Videos.

They are a combination of audio and visual stimulus used to explain a concept in a simple and understandable way. They help explain and illustrate the concept of one’s product or business using limited sentences.

It has been statistically found that people after viewing these Explainer videos are more likely to make a purchase.

Explainer videos are a must for the budding start-ups, holding value even for those with complicated or complex concepts. It acts as a valuable marketing asset for all.

So here we are putting forward 15 insider tips on creating a killer Explainer Video.


#1) Have a strong Intro

The first step for an Explainer video should always attract the audience. Winning with just one move and throwing it out with full force. A strong and catchy intro will help you establish legitimacy by separating it from tons of other videos online. The amount of efforts taken, time and money invested decides the range of excellence of your videos. It ranges from having a normal single liner to more complex montage type pyrotechnics. Remember having an intro is a one-time investment but multiple benefits in future so prepare it whole heatedly.


#2) Prepare a Script

No matter how much of an articulate person you are. Consider preparing a script while coming up with explainer videos as a compulsory step. Always try giving away points with chances of connecting them in future. Any unwanted spamming of content damages the image of the person. Having your content all sorted by creating a script before speaking or presenting the video helps it sound coherent.

Having a pre- planned script with your entire content ready, having a balance of humor, info and marketing makes one feel confident and helps one to present the data fluently.


#3) Build a personality of your own

Do you know that one thing that keeps you apart from others? One quality in each one of us that decides our friends, colleagues, connections, etc?. It is one’s PERSONALITY. Each one of us has a unique style of presentation. The one which is liked by the targeted audience is of the person who excels in his field. Moreover building and having an easy to reach pleasing personality always comes in handy in future.

Charlie Chaplin, Di-Caprio or Bill Gates, all have a different personality but one thing they have in common is each one of them caught the eyes of their audience. If one wants to follow his/her role models its completely fine but it is always better to have a unique identity or personality.


#4) Connecting or collaborating with Digital Sites

Social media sites have all the formulas ready to attract customers or user. Thus, connecting yourself with them can be of huge advantage to you. Try convincing social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and start making up videos with them. A very successful collaboration I had encountered during my school life was that of a company called Phyzok who along with Google came up with the concept of flipped videos. Thus, their defined guidelines will definitely help improve one’ video shooting skill set. Even recently Facebook has started giving video media more news-feed visibility than any other side.


#5)Try being precise and to the point

Using less words and still conveying, not only reflects one’s efficiency but also helps save time. The shorter the content or video the more the audience remembers it. Adding all the toppings and presenting one eye catchy video is what is to be aimed for. Video should keep the audience stuck to their chair for the whole duration and side by side convey all the required information.

On an average a total of 150 words are to be used per minute. Saying out large quantity of content in less time would only confuse the audience and before the facts instill in their minds the next content or topic would have already started, thus breaking the audience and presenter link.

The video length and audience watch time show an inverse relation. Thus keep it concise and to the point.


#6) Have a clear and balanced presentation

Having a clear and digestible presentation is one of the best ways to convey one’s business value prepositions.

According to stats 39% of executives called the vendor after watching an online video. Well-made videos can increase the size of your cart to double its amount. 


#7) Know what’s in store for you

Having knowledge about the basics and using them to your advantage can help you stand out. Now that the introduction has been given about various types of explainer videos, I would like to categorize its various types:

  • 2D animations
  • Live action
  • Whiteboard
  • Moving topography
  • 3D animations
  • High and 2D animation, etc.

Thus try having a variety in your videos and avoid using the same type repeatedly.


#8) Select the ideal style

Select a style which lets you communicate in the best possible way. You should be able to convince the viewers about the importance of your product. Many a times your style clicks or triggers and helps you become a powerful explainer video.

Thus, with your way of speech or style try creating or spreading positive vibes the audience will automatically come behind you.


#9) Plan for a video launch

Having your content and style of presentation but still lacking to reach your audience makes you fail in your endeavor of having a killer explainer video. Thus always have a video launch planned and lined up.

In this:

  • Have a video host ready for you.
  • Be ready with a marketing plan
  • Integrate the video on your site.


#10) Give weight-age to benefits over features

 Always make your customers realize how incomplete their lives are without your product. Never let the thirst for money come on your face.
The product is worth then it will surely give you money in return. While presenting, focus more towards the benefits than its features. People will obviously be attracted towards the features so attach benefits along and make them feel the worth and need of the product. 


#11) Avoid usage you real screen shots

Having screen shots can be of use when you were to introduce or show the UI of a new website or app. But when it comes to videos I personally recommend showcasing the entire content through animations and illustrating how the product functions. It holds an important trick for early staged products, yet to be completed. Choosing animation over screen shots will increase the overall life of the video.


#12) Always start with or bring in the problem statement

 Jugaad is one such term or reason behind budding up with new ideas to help get over the problem. Thus, while starting with your videos try giving the problem along with it its jugaad or solution. Try explaining the visual of the scenario through videos about the problems and how your product would bring a solution to it. The problem shall account for a quarter of your video and the result can be used to flaunt the features and benefits.


#13) Always use a professional voice

Nothing can spoil or make the audience regret watching you or your video other than poor audio. Not just the clarity but the voice must sound friendly and smooth. Avoid using a normal tuned way of dictating out the content. Try giving speech a smooth rhythm. Hire professional to give the voice to your videos to enhance its audio quality.


#14) Enjoy you work and let others enjoy it!

Personal interest in doing a job or taking it casually just for the sake of it are two different scenarios faced. Never take your work to be some sort of load or punishment. After you have found interest in your work start adding surprises or fun jokes in the middle to your presentation to keep the mood lighted up and get your audience in the best of their moods.


#15) Avoid excessive visuals

Using polished voice-over or high end graphics are sure fun and interesting to watch but don’t over-exceed them. Try keeping visuals as secondary, limited to a threshold. The moment it crosses the threshold, the chances of it overshadowing the main content becomes high. You are not here to make a movie but to just give away your killer Explainer video. 


Have confidence in yourself ,never let it fade and now you are ready for your tape!