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5 Amazing Voice Over Softwares For The Computer

5 Amazing Voice Over Softwares For The Computer


Whether you’re a voice over for a hobby or you indeed are a top-notch actor, you are incomplete without a reliable and powerful voice oversoftware to help you record your and make justice to your talent. To make your case easier, a list has been compiled by Windows Report for the best voice over tools that can be used on Windows 10. Here’s a list of the five amazing softwares you can use for your voice over projects.

1) Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is by far the best software you can find for voice-overs. Different from all the tools that are listed in this article, this software helps you in recording your voice, edit it and then lets you insert it in your video. You don’t have to use a third party tool to customize it and then paste the recording file on your actual video. If at all you need to add another voice over, you can just click the “+” button and add another audio file. Simultaneously, you can also put in various effects to customize your audio file.

2) Adobe Audition –
Adobe Audition is an outstanding tool for audio and voice over editing. A tool suitable for intermediate and advanced users. This software allows you to record, edit, mix and restore audio on your computer. It is widely popular amongst the users as an editing tool but it also contains a voice over recording feature.To record a voice over audio in Adobe Audition, you must select your kind of microphone. Head over to Audition, Go to Preferences and then click on Audio Hardware and select default input and set your parameters. After adding the default microphone, click on File then New and then Audio File. Put a name for your voice over for recording, keep the sample rate and bit depth and lastly select your channel before recording. You can edit your voice over audio files after recording according to your needs.

3) Audacity –
Audacity needs no introduction. This is an audio recording and editing software with a wide range of features which is why it is highly popular amongst the PC users. Audacity is suitable for every kind users, including beginners. The process of recording your voice using this software is really simple. The only thing you need to do is click on the Record button and start talking. A sound wave appears on the screen as soon as you start talking. It allows you to edit the video, crop the parts that you wouldn’t require in the file. You can also a make a variety of changes like pitch, tempo, speed and get rid of the clicking sounds on your mouse. Because of it is user-friendly UI, getting used to its features will be quite easy even if it’s your first time. If you have no experience in voice recording, Audacity is the best software to start with.

4) Windows Voice Recorder –
If not a complete software, this Windows 10 app is quite useful when it comes to recording voice over audio. Windows Voice Recorder enables you to record sounds, narrations, interviews etc. You can also add like a bookmark to the key moments as you record, edit or play it again. Using this application is simple. Just hit the record button and if you have to stop your recording session, hit the stop button and resume it back in just a click. Your recordings are saved automatically and stored in the Documents folder. You can trim, rename or erase once satisfied with the result. The Windows Voice Recorder is quite limited when it comes to Voice overs. For advanced editing, a second audio editing tool might have to be used.

5) Online Voice Recorder –
Online Voice Recorder is a free software that can be used to record your voice. You don’t actually need a fancy equipments to have your voice recorder. A computer is all that you need with a browser. Nothing else! This software is a voice recording software which can be used in your browser. The recording files are saved as mp3 files and can be exported to a much powerful audio editing software. This software has an amazing feature of automatically detecting silent fragments at the start and the end of the recording. You don’t have to worry anymoreif you struggle with silent fragments or go blank. Online Voice Recorder also protects your privacy. Your recordings are exclusive to you only and are not uploaded to the servers for storage purposes.

Well that’s a wrap to our list of 5 Amazing Software for Voice Over Recordings. Make sure to try them out. Hope this post was helpful. Thanks for reading.