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5 Important Tips For Creating Great Motion Graphics

5 Important Tips For Creating Great Motion Graphics


The design industry has evolved quite significantly over the years. The ways in which we use graphics nowadays aren’t just limited to adding motion to the pictures. An addition of audio and other special features to the videos have enabled the users to have a great viewing experience. Motion graphics can be used for a large variety of multimedia assignments.Due to the varied applications, motion graphics videos are in demand throughout. The concept of making motion graphics is well liked in the market. Be it any industry, there are ways in which these videos can enhance communication. The application fields can be gaming, learning, marketing, spreading social awareness, and training.

Creating such motion graphics isn’t a very easy task though. One not only requires skills but also a good design sense. There are many factors that one must keep in mind while working on motion graphics. Here are 5 tips that will help you.


#1 Have a good insight into what the client wants

The clients do have an idea about what they want. They only outsource the work because they lack the skills. It becomes important to have a proper interview with the client and understand the requirements properly. Make sure that you ask enough question and clear all the possible doubts that you might have as a designer.

When the requirements are understood properly, the designer can then suggest some designs and themes based on the past experience. If the client feels that the theme is appropriate for the product, the designer can go ahead with the work.


#2 Plan your work

Having a detailed script always helps. The greatest friends of any designer are a pencil and a paper. Before you begin with the actual process of making the animation, make sure that you have the design ready on paper. You can use different techniques like storyboarding to help you plan well.


#3 Get a proper seamless flow

It is very vital for the video to have a good flow to keep the viewer engaged. There should be no point where the viewer feels that he is left confused. Right from the title to the narration, everything should be clear and simple to understand.

Instead of focusing on having too many special effects, focus on having a good script, clear narration and a seamless flow.


#4 Use a proper naming structure

Name every layer in the design so that it becomes easy to make edits. You can refer to the individual layers while making the changes.

One of the many reasons the clients prefer having videos with motion graphics instead of live action videos is that it becomes cheaper to make a revision on these.


#5 You can use 2D effects if you are in a time crunch

It is not always absolutely necessary to use 3D effects. Many designers nowadays are stuck on making use of 3D effects but it is not always the need of the video. Many 2D applications like After Effects can also give you good results and enhance your videos well. 2D effects save time as they are relatively easy.