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Best Editing Apps For Phones

Best Editing Apps For Phones


Today’s phones have amazing camera quality. Even though it’s not as powerful as a camera, you can still outstanding photos from it. Although sometimes you don’t the result you wanted and you feel the need to edit the picture to make it look even better. With so many applications out there, which one is better for editing? Here’s a list of some really amazing apps for editing your photos.  


1) Snapseed –

Snapseed is one of the best applications for editing pictures on your phone. This app has a wide range of tools and very user-friendly. It includes various features like Exposure setting, color and image sharpening adjustments, perspective correction and selective adjustments. You can crop, rotate and straighten your pictures. It also has creative filters which will take your photos to another level and put emotions into your image. Snapseed also includes easy to adjust one tap filters. You can also put a similar setting as you did to your previous photo for other photos. This app is free with no additional in app purchases.

2) VSCO –

Another giant of an app when it comes to image editing on the phone. VSCO is user-friendly app that has plenty of tools. It includes subtle filter presets that elevates the basic looks of the film. With adjustable filter strength options, it also comes other amazing features like cropping, straightening, exposure, color and sharpness settings. Although you’ll have to pay more for extra preset. VSCO is a proper app if you want to create a vintage look for your image. Although the filters on this app can be overpowering, you can also get a soft, faded look which is quite popular on Instagram. VSCO is also a free app but with only a few preset collection. You’ll have to download the reset which may cost you some bucks.

3) Afterlight

Afterlight is a powerful photo editor app with a wide array of creative options. With features that include exposure, color and sharpening, dust and light leak overlays, you can do a lot to change the complete look of your photo. You are also offered amazing advanced tools such as curves, color selector, gradient and blend modes with free filter packs by a few popular mobile photographers. Afterlight gives you the common color, exposure and crop tools. Curves and selective color arethe tools that this app is known for. You also have a list of filters to which you can add more later. Another feature in this app is the customizable text and artwork which is a really cool method to add graphics to your images.


4) Enlight –

Only available on the iOS, Enlight is a good app for editing photos clicked on the iPhone. This application has good amount of photo editor and artistic tools. You can have a selective control over exposure, color and other details. It has an amazing inbuilt maskingoption for really cool blending of effects. Enlight also comes withclone tool for removing unwanted defects,tilt-shift and photo montages and draws tools with other tools for text, borders and frames. With some advanced features, it may take a little time to get used to this editing app with each tool having its own unique operation.Enlight also has one of the best Help features compared to other apps.

5) TouchRetouch –

With the help of the brush or the lasso tool, you can now remove any object you want in the photo using the TouchRetouch app. Using surrounding pixels, it replaces your selection in the pictures. This app is the perfect app to remove unwanted objects in the picture like dust spots or wires from the sky or backgrounds. You can also remove people toobtain a cleaner picture.or use the clone tool to duplicate objects. Even though many editor apps offer this feature, the TouchRetouch app still stands out because of its effectiveness and it being user-friendly. Removing complicated elements may take a while but you can start again if you’re not satisfied. This app is not free on both Android and iOS.


8) Mextures –

Another top photo editing application which allows you to put textures, grains and light for a creative look for your photos. It includes grit, grain, and vintage film textures with analog light leaks and stunning gradients. With the editing tools and presets, you can have a fine tune to the image. Every effect you wish to apply can be adjusted and you can combine as many effects to your liking using the layers feature. Mextures also enables you to insert wonderful mood and visual interests to get unique results by combination and different effects being blended. A beginner to this app can use the wide array of presets before you start making your own.Mextures is only available on the iOS and is not free.

So these were few of the most easy to use yet amazing photo editing applications for your phone. Make sure you try these apps and create stunning outputs. If you’ve liked what you’ve read, do share the post and spread the wisdom. Thanks for reading.