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Business Presentation Videos

Business Presentation Videos


Business today has become more about the money and less about the passion to thrive. Less about doing good to people and thinking about their benefits. It’s more about self profits rather than doing good about the society. This is why, no matter how hard we try to stand out amongst the sea of fellow businessmen, we rarely do. What we need to remember is that, it all rests upon the little things, the small acts that help us stand out. Not the million dollar deals but the ability to teach others how to make millions. That way, you profit and they do too. If you own a business, you have a whole team depending on you to make the right decisions and it is up to you to keep their attention channelled towards your words. How can you do that all the time? Make things interesting. Use business presentation videos. Presentations, for as long as we can remember, have been a crucial part of any organization. They help to propagate the message better and sustain the attention of the viewers, as long as they are interesting. When it comes to a business, a presentation video can go a long way if you decide to invest your time into it. It is hard to let all your staff know what you want but show them a nice presentation video and they’re bound to be motivated.


What are Business Presentation Videos?

Pretty simply put, business presentation videos are presentation videos made strictly for business purposes. Business presentation videos are basically a dog and pony show. They should be a perfect mix of both an informational nature and a pitch. Creating excitement for the purpose of business as well as including an efficient mix of information is quite the hard task, which is made easy via business presentation videos. Such videos convey probably the exact content as the business plan but in a much abbreviated form, keeping things interesting.

Business presentation videos have the sole purpose of communicating your ideas while maintain interest among the viewers, i.e., your staff or colleagues who are the perceivers of the video. The ideal combination for such presentation is one slide per section, however, this can be opted to increase only if the slides are not too dense. As a result, you will have to converse about the key parts of each section. When it comes to such videos, a 10/20/30 rule is followed, as preached by Guy Kawasaki. According to this rule, such a presentation video shall contain 10 slides for a total time of 20 minutes, making use of a 30-point font. This is a good strategy, but, at times you can increase the amount of slides depending on the business context and the quantity of content for each slide.

The Purpose of Business Presentation Videos

Efficient business presentation videos can often resolve internal conflict in an organization, or may even increase its external sales. Such videos can be used to confirm an organization’s economic viability, to honour the accolades of valuable employees, and to cast a vision for the management staff. Such presentation videos, depending on the purpose behind them and the audience for whom they’re being created, very often take on distinctive traits or characteristics. Let’s discuss their purpose on a broader level: –

1) Information – Several kinds of business presentations, such as departmental project updates or quarterly accounting reports, have the main purpose of propagating information. These kinds of presentation videos help to provide opinions, ideas, and data for a particular audience or demographic. By preparing an informative presentation video, you can aim to teach your target audience about the subject of your choice. In order for you to do so, you must be well-equipped with the knowledge about your audience, how much they already have knowledge about the subject, and you also need to gather reliable, accurate, and credible information.

2) Persuasion – Some types of business presentation videos have the basic purpose of persuading its audience to adopt a particular belief or make a particular choice. Such persuasive business presentation videos occur both externally, such as when the members of an organization make a sales presentation to the members of another organization, or internally, such as when a company manager wants to convince his staff to start recycling. By preparing such a video, you aim to give credible information in a compelling nature, wanting to create an effective argument while you do so.

3) Motivation – Business presentation videos often have the main purpose of not only persuading the viewers  to adopt a particular perspective towards something, but also to motivate them towards undertaking a certain action. Motivational presentation videos in a business point of view utilize persuasive tools and tactics. These kinds of presentation videos focus mainly on igniting the feelings and emotions of the viewers, in order to motivate them.