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Frequently asked questions when running a video marketing campaign

Frequently asked questions when running a video marketing campaign


  • Will I need different file types for YouTube, presentations, website etc?

Now a day’s video producing agencies produce video content for a whole range of platforms. So, they will understand what you need. Although it is worth having those conversations early on as the video may need to be planned differently from the start. This could be for the reason that you are showing it at an event, running an ad campaign or using cinema advertising. Each one needs a precise format. In more or less all cases, the video production agencies will deliver you with a high-quality H.265 codec MOV (the best performing codex). This format can be used across all video uploading platforms or even can be uploaded on your website server.

  • How long before I can expect to see results from a social media video marketing campaign?

If you are producing an advert to attract traffic to your website, you may want to consider requesting the agency to run an ad campaign. Millions of videos are uploaded on social sites daily. So, except you have a robust social media presence, it’s unlikely your video will ‘go viral’. The agency will specialize in the main platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • How can I evaluate how it is doing comparatively, with my competitors say?

Though views are important but more important is engagement! A bad video will have huge view counts but the views will not be for good reasons. Early on, the video production agency will determine your success criteria. So, you’ll keep tabs on how the animationor film is performing their work for what’s vital to you. This may be a lot of contact type submissions, downloads or clicks through to your website.

  • What sort of things could we be doing differently to improve results for our video marketing campaign?

Placing your video for the right purpose and aligning with the target audience and brand can be done to improve result for. Repositioning the video to a different and more prominent position on the website will make it work harder for you.  There’s advantage in asking the agency to explore utilizing and creating explainer video to lift up audience engagement. If the video content has been planned precisely for any video marketing adcampaign, the video production agency will have set-out a strategy to observe and funnel the aiming criteria to create the maximum engagement as well as click-through rates.