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How to Make 360o Virtual Reality Video?

360-degree-videoMaking a 360° Virtual Reality (VR) video is not less than forming a magical video. It’s a splendid game-changing stuff that is winning over viewers left, right and center.

A brilliant video producing company with a bucket of experience, hard-working, creative mind, and having excellent technical skills can give you a really great finishing 360o Virtual Reality video.

VideoExplainerPune know how to produce virtual reality video and according to our experience here are some tricks and tips that we’ve learned along the way:

  1. The first tip is that don’t ever place an individual closer to the camera. The reason behind is that a stitch-line will cut right through the individual and a corporate video will turn into a horror movie.
  2. Narrow camera rig should be selected. If a wider camera rig is selected then it will increase the burden of post-production team as they will have to edit it from the video. Minute detail can be visible in 360° videos; even a gear can be visible in it. But on the other hand, if the rig is too narrow then it will be blown over by just a gust of wind.
  3. While shooting with a number of GoPro cameras do not ever sync clap on both sides of each camera. If you will sync claps on either side of cameras then the camera will be out in just a few frames.
  4. On 360 Virtual Reality Shoot, each direction consists of lenses. If we get our fingerprint on it then it is hard to clean it off. It might seem easy to say but it is really a difficult task.
  5. If you are thinking to shoot in a crowdie place like Mumbai, try that the crew members get to mix with the crowd. While filming stays still underneath the rig if you are unable to leave the camera for security reason. After that take a shot of the ground or floor (also known as ‘plate’ in the biz) and the editor will use it to cover you out.
  6. Always try to keep the camera in steady position. Even a small but sharp action can make the spectators feel uneasy, especially when they are watching the video in a VR headset. While making your clients queasy and make them vomit might go down as a memorable experience, but it will negatively effect on brands identity.
  7. On that note, any moving shots need to be well planned in advance. They are very tough to do, and even tougher to do well. Make sure the floor throughout the shot is just one texture or color. Any crazy patterns or funky designs will be hard (read: impossible) to ‘plate’ in post-production.
  8. DIT – Digital Image Technician means backing things up. One should be careful while backing up the things, especially when one is using a number of GoPro cameras in one rig. Your 360VR video will have a black hole in it if you forgot to do DITing or do it incorrectly.

If you truly want to know how to make 3600  VR video like a pro then roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. Be certain to work with a video production team that has the experience, technical aspects, and creative stuff covered. It might not be as straightforward as shouting “abracadabra!” but if you have got the right people on-side, “action!” can be just as effective.