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Live Action VS Animated Explainer Videos

Live Action VS Animated Explainer Videos


The video making industry has been favoring the use of explainer videos as a successful tool for marketing because of how convenient it has become to incorporate them into the marketing strategy. With all of this happening in the background there is still one question that has been going around in the market is: Which is better, live action or an animated explainer video?We will answer this question in this article by looking at some pros and cons of both.


Live Action Explainer Videos


Live action videos are awesome when it comes to incorporating a human connection with the brand. Consider the example of making a video for a watch or a car to sell. For both these products, it becomes essential that your target audience sees some actually using these. This gives them a lot more confidence to buy it. Not only that, the product appeals to the target audience better.

At the same time, you can have some nice brand ambassadors endorse your brand or your audience. While all of this is in work, you can still let the product have its own voice.


The Cons:

The cons of having a live video can be attributed to all the limitations it can have. The very crucial limitation here is of creativity. Let’s say you want a script that involves a car chase and also some aerial shooting. From all the Bond movies that we have watched we know that this is very much possible. ‘But are we willing to spend all that money?’ is the question that needs to be asked.

On the other hand, making revisions to your already made video is a pain and will cost a lot. However, there will be a chance that you might want to make revisions to your video. One of the reasons could be that you need to add a new product in the range that your video is talking about for example


Animated Explainer Video

The Pros:

While working with animated explainer videos, you’re only limited by your own imagination. You can bring any script that you want to the table and it can be made feasible. So if you want a car chase, it will be very much possible to have that.

Another great aspect of having an animated video is that you can explore the option of having a new character made especially for your brand. Your brand can be associated with this character. This character can serve to be a great tool to carry out your other marketing strategies also.

All the revisions that you are willing to make can be made possible at a much lesser price as compared to an animated one.


The Cons:

For an animated video, everything needs to be built from scratch. Right from creating characters, writing a script, designing the environment to creating the actual animations. If you are running short on time, this can be a point to consider for you.

However, with some studios, it is possible to get the work done in a streamline flow, at a fast rate.


The Verdict

Weighing all the pros and cons of both the products, it can be said that animated explainer videos turn out to be a great option. However, the one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this choice should always be made keeping in mind the product and its requirements.