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Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Live-Video-StreamingTravelling everyday from here to there, from your house to your office or from your college back to your home, what is the one thing that you like to do? Most of you will be saying that you love listening to music as that is a great way to pass time and that is indeed true. Now, if I ask how many of you all stream and listen to music online, I’m pretty sure that most of you will say that you stream online. For those of you thinking why I’m talking about rivers and music, streaming anything online means consuming content via internet, like, listening to songs online instead of keeping them stored in your phones or PCs. Streaming online has become such a trend that nobody now keeps movies, songs, videos, etc. stored anymore, which eliminates the constant worry about storage. Thanks to the digital age, there’s a lot that can be done through online streaming, rather than just listening to songs or movies. One of the best uses of it is live video streaming. Internet is the go-to solution to reach out to massive audiences to let them know what you’re doing, what you want to say, etc. Live video streaming is a great way to communicate with people all over the world, to convey your message to a larger audience through PCs, mobiles, and various online platforms.


Live Video Streaming – What is it?

The trend of streaming media is a pretty recent one but the concept behind it has existed since the existence of Homo sapiens. When a person talks to you, the information he sends travels to you in the form of sound waves. The ear receives these waves and the brain decodes the sent information which then allows you to understand what it is. This is the same thing that happens when you listen to music, or watch television. The information travels to the television or radio in the form of cable signals, radio waves, or satellite signals. The electronic device then decodes the information and displays the signal to you.

In live video streaming, whether it is video or audio, the information that is travelling is a stream of various data from a particular server. The decoder is the plug-in or the stand-alone player that works as a part of the internet browser that you are using. The decoder, server, and information stream work in sync together so that millions can watch live events or broadcasted programmes that are pre-ordered.

The procedure of live video streaming works on the principles of data streaming, where all data of video files are compressed and then sent to a requesting, device little by little. Live video streaming usually requires a video player that is compatible and connects with the help of a remote server that hosts the pre-stored or pre-recorded live feed or media file. The server makes use of specific algorithms to compress the desired data or media files, in order to transfer it all over the internet connection or network.

The particular size of each live stream depends on a number of factors, including the actual file size, network latency, and bandwidth speed. In turn, the client or the user player decompresses and then displays the streamed audio or visual data, which enables the user to start viewing the stream before the entire data is received.


Donations and Monetization

Live events through live video streaming is an excellent way to help you increase the visibility of your company; live video streaming helps to gain a wider audience and grabs the attention of more eyeballs, which is a great opportunity for you if you’re looking to promote your brand and where else to do it other than social media platforms. With the advent of social media apps and their developers working hard to make them a great place for live streams. Numerous brands, companies, personalities, motivational speakers, etc. take to live streamingon platforms like Instagram live, Facebook live, YouTube live, etc. in order to reach their audiences and gain a wider attention.

If you’re a company looking to increase your visibility, live streaming videos is a great investment. Live streams are also a tremendous source for revenues which is why several sports teams, online instructors, educational institutions, and business-to-business (B2B) communities use live streams.