10 Best Social Media Video Maker for Business

10 Best Social Media Video Maker for Business

Videos play a preeminent role on social media platforms. The importance of the social media video marketing is growing. This is because of the vitality of editors that are used in social media. Even with little technical knowledge, people have been trying to create videos. For this, they have to depend on the makers of such social videos. The relevance of the video makers can be understood from the fact that small businesses that lack behind when it comes to skills and technical knowledge are also going for this. Also, a budget has to be maintained when it comes to hiring an expert for the video production.

When it comes to small businesses, social media video is a channel that cannot be ignored by these. This is probably one of the significant platforms that such companies can go for if they want to promote their market. Many people have a wrong thinking that creating videos on social media video channels involves investing a lot of money. And, this is true to some extent. But the fields are limited. This is true only if you need to hire an expert or if you are required to hire a freelancer for the video making work.

But then, if you do the same on your own and with the help of a social video maker, it is quite affordable. So, here are around ten social media video makers which are the best in the market:

1.) Biteable 

This is one of the top social media video editors for slideshow ads and most of the others. Though, if we have a look at the basic plan, well, it is free and also has a watermark. This can only be shared if the Biteable link is used. Embed or simply, share feature has to be used to do this. It is considered to be one of the most potent social video makers. When this is used, the premium plan is available at a rate of 29 dollars per month. The features of Biteable include: browsing around 100 scenes or using any professional template, a facility to upload your content, and also the ease to edit the same. Another requirement is to maintain a vast library of tunes and music tracks. These have to arranged in such a way that these can be shared within seconds.

2.) Animaker

Animaker is a better social media maker. This is better than a video editor. It is a great tool when it comes to creating animated videos. It works on a simple theory which functions on drag and drop, click and choose and edit and play. The free option, in this case, comes with a watermark. And, the starting plan, in this case, is of 19 dollars per month. Here, you can get access to very advanced features. The significant features of Animaker include animated characters. One needs to get creative with merging an extensive collection of these characters. These include properties, icons, and much more. There are six unique video styles, which include 2D, infographics, handcraft, whiteboard, 2.5D, and topography. Data can be brought to a live form if the creation is armed with more than 100 charts, more than 1000 icons, and say more than 3000 maps. Video infographics are essential in bringing the data alive.
One can record or curve the angles. The camera in and camera out feature affects the videos to a great extent and enhances the quality in multiple ways.
This platform has been known to support around 50 backing music tracks. Approximately 175 sound effects and more than 50 languages are required to support these.

3.) Smilebox

Smilebox is a tool that creates stories by adding some depth and dimension to the frame. Also, by conveying emotions, this helps one to create amazing videos.

4.) Filmora

This is one of the best among the rest of the social video maker. This is one of the latest launches which is there for Windows.


5.) iMusic

A very suitable option for mac users. You can choose your clip. Also, you can set your sound quality and other features. You can edit sound, title, and other effects.


6.) Typito

One can easily create videos using this. This can be done in around seven different forms. HD videos can be created, and other kinds of videos can be resized with just one click.


7.) Quik

Here you have an option to add up to 200 photos and videos. Also, you can choose from 26 themes. All of these are different.


8.) Adobe Rush

Everything on this platform gets synced to your devices. Everything can be edited just by capturing clicks on the phone.


9.) Share

This one has a drag and drop platform


10.) Wideo

This is a web-based platform. Everything can get easy if all the tips are implemented.