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What Are The Best 2D Animation Software?

What Are The Best 2D Animation Software?


The use of 2D animation is on the rise with all the upcoming applications it has to offer. 2D animation is famous amongst a variety of professionals like game developers, architects, and so many other artists.There are numerous factors that need to be taken care of while making a good quality animation. Character creation, production environment, proper input and output systems are some of these factors. To make these tasks easier, we have digital help from softwares that help you make 2D animations.

Depending on the application, every 2D animator will have to use a different software. In this article, we have made this process of choosing the best suitable software easy for you by making a list of the top 5 2D animation softwares.

Synfig Studio

Synfig Studio can be a great option for you if you want to get a software that has the facilities of an industrial software but is available for free. This software enables you to make animations without having graph and sketch frame by frame. The animations can be generated with the help of bitmap and vectors.

The software will require downloading of many other supporting softwares but the interface of Synfig is very easy to use and can be understood in very less time.


CrazyTalk Animator

This software is unlike any traditional softwares in the market as it uses a new way to make 2d animations. One of the best features about this software is that it allows you to draw features along with lip sync features. The tools used in this software are also quite advanced and will help you create quality videos in a hassle free manner.

One needs to get used to the interface of the software and that can take some while. Once that is done, both professionals and amateurs can use it efficiently.



This is one of the most multipurpose softwares that are available for free. This software can provide tools for artists as well as game developers. Although it can be fairly said that the number of tools provided in this software are very high and game developers are at an advantage because of that. Artists might not find a use for so many tools. Thus, although it can be used by the artists too, it cannot give them everything that they expect from a software.


Animation Paper

Animation Paper is the right kind of a professional software made for animators who are familiar with the practice for a long time. Professionals can use this software effortlessly. With this software, you can begin by making a rough sketch and then keep editing and modifying it. It has multiple features that enhance the animations you make.

This has many advanced features that can be availed for free but is not suggested for beginners who are new to the trade.


DigiCel FlipBook

It is quite easy to down this software from the internet. It is regarded as one of the best options for the beginners. This software has two uses; making animations and also teaching new people.

This software usually provides you with the basic tools so it is preferred by beginners. They can even learn how to use it without any professional help.