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Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video?

Why Your Business Needs an Explainer Video?


Over the years, the video production has improved a lot. The videos which are made nowadays are different from those made earlier. The advanced technology has made it possible for the business people to promote their business with the help of videos and such videos are known as ‘Explainer Videos’. These videos help in the growth and development of an organization.

Many organizations are using these videos to boost their business growth. An explainer video not only explains your product and services but, also help you create a personality in the competitive business world. If you are not using explainer videos for your business, then you immediately should. And if you want reasons for getting an explainer video for your business, we will give you some with this article.

Let us see the advantages of an explainer video

1. Explainer videos are attention getters

Not every customer of yours may be fond of reading, there might be few who would like watching content rather than reading it. Boring web pages would not help you grab attention of your potential customers but an interesting explainer video definitely would.

2. Explainer videos are shareable

A well-made explainer video conveys the idea of your business to the potential customers in an interesting and engaging fashion. This video is also easy to share via the social media platforms. Posting an explainer video on the social media platform would get you some recognition and it would become easy for your potential customers to spread your work with their network.

3. Explainer videos can present and reflect your company’s personality

In this huge world full of online retailers it is very much essential to stand out from all and have a personality of your own. And to have such personality your brand should be able to communicate with its public well. The visual content of an explainer video can throw a great impression of your business on your customers. This will help in developing your personality and a sense of trust in you and your products.

4. Explainer videos present information in an engaging way

You might have experienced boredom in a meeting where your colleagues are presenting the presentation in the form of powerpoint slides and pie diagrams. Why do the same to your customers? Take your customers on a fun ride along with explaining your products and services to them with the help of an explainer video. An explainer video takes all the graphical information and transforms it into an amazing animated story which is most liked by the audiences.

5. Explainer videos help your audience remember you

It has been proven that most of the people across the world are visual learners that is they remember more of what they see and not what they read. This can be very profitable for your business if you include explainer videos. With the help of explainer videos people will remember the story of your product and services and thus remember you and your brand.

6. Tour the features of your product more effectively with an explainer video

You write a whole page on a particular service you are providing to your potential customers, they start reading it and when they come the half way they stop reading it. Do you know the reason why? Just because they were here to know the key benefits of your products and not the whole history. This issue can be resolved with the help of an explainer video by showing your potential customers how the product would benefit them.

7. Generate “buzz” with your explainer video

Images and videos interest people more than the content of your web pages. This gives rise to the demand of videos online. So whenever the people are browsing through the internet they would search for videos. So, do not miss this opportunity and generate a buzz with your explainer video.

8. Improve your search rankings by employing explainer videos

Customer engagement is very much essential when it comes to increasing the ranking for your web page. To rank and reach on the top you would need to grab the attention of more and more potential customers and keep them engaged. You can easily do this with an explainer video as it is a great source to keep the audience engaged for a longer period of time.

9. Use explainer videos to drive web traffic

Driving the web traffic is not an easy job as, every company wants to go “viral”. Every organization wishes to reach out to the maximum people. But all this is not possible without the helping hand of a video. Producing an explainer video that is interesting and catches the eyes of maximum audience  is a great way to give yourself a better chance of making that big hit.

10. Use explainer videos to increase conversion rates on your pages

If your customer loves your product, he/she is definitely going to end up buying that product. But, what element is necessary for your potential customer to love your product? It is the appearance of the product. If the appearance of your products and services is good, the customers will always leave you with profit and get what they need. Understanding and the appearance of the product can be better explained with an explainer video.

All these are the benefits of including an explainer video in your business’s marketing strategies. The making and use of explainer videos are only going to benefit you and your organization. If you want to know more such advantages, you can visit this amazing blog by digitalmonster. Also, if you have any tips about explainer videos feel free to share with us in the comment section below.