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“A picture is worth a thousand words” – This is an adage that humans have been living by, for thousands of years. Scientists all over the world have found drawings in ancient civilizations, drawings on the walls of caves, inscriptions, symbolic drawings, etc. Through all this, it is easily understandable, that, since the early years, man has been using drawings to propagate his ideas, opinions, and experiences to the people around him. This is a concept that is highly used by various companies today, to attract the attention of consumers.

What is a Whiteboard Video?

The terminology “whiteboard videos” is something most of us are unfamiliar with. So, what are these whiteboard videos? Just as I mentioned before, for thousands of years, mankind has been using various drawings to tell their tales. Today, teachers and lecturers use a whiteboard and a sketch pen/marker to explain lessons and difficult concepts to their students. Just like that, when an animated video is brought to life from sketches, the intended message becomes easier to understand. This is the concept behind the working of whiteboard animation.

So, what is a whiteboard video actually? Also referred to as whiteboard animation, a whiteboard video is basically an animated video that is created through sketches on a whiteboard. It is a type of explainer video that is created directly in front of the viewers.

The viewers of a whiteboard video see subsequent images appearing in front of them, which helps them to be engaged in a story told by the narrator of the video or animation film. This story can be about anything, from company items and products, to ways of implementation, company policies, strategy implementations, and more mundane aspects, like manuals.

Due to the proper construction of the scripts for the video, the narrator’s acting skills, and the sketches obviously, the whiteboard video has the capability to attract a lot of attention and also, to remain in the viewer’s memories for quite a long time. This ultimately means success and profits for your company. For this reason, such whiteboard animation videos are used a lot in internal communications and marketing.

Whiteboard Videos Maintain the Viewer’s Attention

These days, a lot of things that act as stimuli, are used to draw the attention of the people and company clients. However, it is a known fact that the average human attentional resources are restricted to 7 +/- 2 of information units which are processed at once. In day-to-day practice, this means the more stimuli we tend to perceive, the more stimuli we process, hardly without understanding them. Or, we do not process them in any case.

When it comes to whiteboard videos and animation films, simple images or sketches appear in front of us one by one, without giving any kind of burden to our attentional resources. The content of the script is chosen in such a way that the video’s storyline progresses very smoothly. The entire script is then read by the narrator whose voice accompanies to maintain the attention of the viewers. As a result of that, whiteboard videos help us with a smooth acquisition of new knowledge on a service, product, brand, etc.

According to a lot of people and experts, another benefit of whiteboard animation videos over the infamous ‘talking heads’ videos is that they put a lesser burden on our brains and help us gain new knowledge better. A significant portion of our brains is responsible for the analysis of various facial expressions and facial recognition. The determining process of whether our interlocutor is a friendly one and which emotions he or she might be experiencing is executed and also on an ongoing basis when we communicate with different people every day.

However, when it comes to animation films with the so-called talking heads, it results in the fact that our focus is on the speaker or narrator, not on what he or she is trying to say or the message he or she is trying to convey. On the other hand, when it comes to whiteboard videos, this problem is a non-existent one, as we see only images and sketches that accompany the verbal messages portrayed by the narrator.

To help you understand the benefits of a whiteboard video, here are some of the key points: –

  • If whiteboard videos are constructed accurately and with an effective and impactful script, they can be fun and entertaining for the viewers. By putting forth an information-rich video that is equally fun and eye-catching, companies will voluntarily be engaged and want to work with you and listen to your ideas as well.
  • Whiteboard videos are extremely easy to work with. They can be placed just about anywhere, providing your company and you with flexibility. They can be put directly on your site’s homepage, on any given page of your website, and can also be created to specifically relate to the site’s page they’re located on.
  • Whiteboard videos are indeed memorable. When potential viewers and customers remember your whiteboard animation video, they also memorize you, your service, or your product. Automatically, when they remember you, they spread the word out about you, which ultimately means success for you!
  • When utilized in a creative way, whiteboard animation videos can actually make it easier for your customers and fans to evangelize the products or services you have to offer them. If you put up your whiteboard videos on various social media platforms, the videos will also be commented on and shared wisely. This will ultimately spread the word bout you or your company and help build up your following base.

Keeping all this in mind, I think it is safe to say that you don’t always need the fancy graphics and expensive actors to make a video that will be an instant hit. When learning new things or listening to new ideas, viewers want to comprehend the easy stuff, not something that is complex and has too much on its plate. For this, whiteboard videos are probably the best option to let your message be known with minimal expense and maximum creativity. Whiteboard videos introduce the fun element when you want to pitch an idea or propagate a message and help the viewers to grasp the concept easily.

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