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3 Magical Words in Animation

Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas in 1981 published a significant book on principles of animation. Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life expresses 12 different principles of animation which contains illustrations ranging from sketches to entire animation sequences. It is like an animation bible for a newbie as it is still very relevant to todays animation industry. Here are three magical words which represents the most important principles of animation



It is easy to draw an image of a person throwing a ball. But the main task is to give life to that character.  Just give a little time and tablet to a newbie animator and they will create some attractive moving animation from that image. The animator has to mimic all the actions of a person throwing a ball in order to convince and   attract audience.  Here are little pointers for animator to create believable motion.

  • Anticipation:
  • Follow through
  • Arching trajectory
  • Secondary actions




Charm is a power of quality that attracts, fascinates or delights others. Charm is helpful to give character whether it might be a bombastic hero, full of confidence or a hateful smirk. Animation gives a quality to that character and develops that characters personality. Animation videos are usually used in marketing now a day as it has good appealing power. Below is the pic of Tom & Jerry in which the cartoonist has put his all imagination power to look it charming.



Without imagination animation cannot be done. You need to be imaginative creator to become a good animator. The good thing in animation is that u can think anything and can let it be done as nothing is impossible in animation. Animation is just unforgettable and evocative.


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