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Explainer Video and its Characteristics

An explainer video is short and simple not more than 2 minutes video which is generally animated or cartoon style. They concentrate on explaining the concept of business idea in simple but engaging way. Explainer videos are thus appealing and eye catching videos that grabs the attention of audience.


Main Characteristics

So why are the explainer videos gaining popularity rapidly? Here is the answer for your question


  • Simple: They give out a simple and pure message by following the conventional narrative structure of “what?”, “why?” and “how?”
  • Short: These videos are very straightforward and short which doesn’t long more than 2 minutes.
  • Focused: Explainer videos concentrate on the needs of target audience and their problems. Thus the videos make the needs of audience feel identified with the company’s proposals.
  • Great Quality: In order to achieve best marketing results, explainer videos need to have the great quality so that the company stands out from the competition.
  • Animation: Explainer videos generally use minimal and animated characters to attract by giving a fun touch that produces a sturdy connection with the target audience.
  • Branding: They usually use the appearance & touch of the brand’s distinctiveness in order to seed strong brand recognition.
  • Sound Track: Explainer videos have inbuilt music and sound effects that fixed the mood to express a specific story and thus helps to increase target audience engagement.
  • Professional Background Voice: Explainer videos give u another great feature of background voice. The content for the video is narrated by a professional voice which reveals what actually the video shows on screen