Cost-effective Video Making

On a Shoestring Budget? A 5 point guide to making cost-effective videos

Want to make a video? Do not have a professional camera? Do not have editing studios? Need money to develop a good video? Time to get up, you have everything you want at your fingertips. Put your hands in your pocket and get your camera I mean your cell phone. Yes, you heard it right. Even your mobile can be turned into a professional video camera. Here I am listing 5 points to have your own videos which can be used for marketing or branding yourself. Today branding yourself can earn you good money. Viners like Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani, Harsh Beniwal and many more are earning good by branding themselves. Videos shot by them are not by professional cameras or any studios, they are done by phones and some online tools for later editing. This guide will help you to make professional videos with cost-effective techniques:

  1. Why professional cameras When we have Cellphones

Now good video can be shot with cell phone camerasCellphones with good cameras at affordable prices are available in the market. For your reference you can to this site, ( ). For better assistance, you can even buy cost-effective stands, lights, and mikes for your cell phone cameras. You can get a good generic mike for your phone for as low as you Rs 380. You can check out one of such mikes by going to the link, ( ). Similarly, can use the stand for accurate video positioning and give a professional look. You can see the link, ( ).To get good light for your videos, you can use led bulbs or even tube lights and white sheets to reflect the light and enhance the video properties. If you’re shooting at your apartments or any place where there is a lot of residual sounds which can cause disturbance then you can make use of Acoustic foam to reduce the unwanted noises in your video. If you want your video to be perfect and noise-free then you can get it at a reasonable price. Follow the link to get it at a cheap price, ( ).

  1. Music is a Heartbeat

All good videos require good music. Without music, your video looks incomplete. Viewers won’t feel like watching the video. So there should be some good sound. When sound is good, it usually goes unnoticed because it matches what we expect to hear. But when the sound quality is bad, it is obvious. Not only is it distracting, but it cheapens the quality of what could have been a great promotional video. So care should be taken while selecting music for your video. You don’t need studios for this but for music, you can go to sites like ( or ( do download it for free.

  1. Voice Over-The Rescuer

Video and music may confuse the viewers or the audience won’t know the purpose of the video, so you can add voice to guide the audience and convey the right message, which can be done by yourself or you can look at resources like Freelancer, where you can find new voice over artists who can help you in getting the voice overdone.  Filmora Video Editor or windows moviemaker is some software that will help you to add your voice. There are also some mobile apps on the play store which will help you with the same ie: dubsmash or MadLipz.

  1. Scripting

Scripting the video means documenting the idea of the video. Scripting helps to deliver messages correctly to the end viewers without confusing them. The video should be properly sequenced and therefore script is vital for video. Scripting is one more element that you can do on your own or even use a freelancer to find a writer.

  1. Video editing

Video editing is the next phase in video production. Once you have your script and are done with recording and selection of music, the next step is editing the video for the final release. You have to put everything in place and this can be done by video editing tools which can be done by yourself and you can use open-source video editors like openshot ( ), which you can download and edit on your own or you can outsource the editing also to freelancers available on sites like freelancer or Fiverr.

So here are some ways that you can use to ensure that you are able to produce videos for your products and services in a cost-effective manner. While the result may be somewhat amateurish, this would be still better than having nothing at all.

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