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Video Explainer Pune is the largest corporate video production company in Pune and Navi Mumbai.

Our creativity, experience and the ability to make effectiveness in the consumer market, have solved many of our client’s problems. Our breathtaking and meaningful international level corporate and ad film in Pune can create the strongest position for you in the marketplace.

Explainer Videos & Video Explainer Company

Those video production companies which produce explainer videos plays a very important role in uplifting the brand value of a business in several ways. So, before explaining about the role of a video explainer company in details, lets first know what an explainer video actually mean.

In this write-up, we will discuss and elaborate the contribution a video production company and explainer videos in todays world. We will also talk about the cost of producing such explainer videos and how they are relevant in current business scenario and in other sectors as well. We will also try to cover about the cost for producing such explainer videos.

What are Explainer videos?

Everyone browse the internet and spends lots of time online. You must have came across hundreds of videos while surfing through the web, scrolling feeds on social media platforms. But, only few of these videos carry a certain importance and relevance.

Videos which helps to convey a message in an informative manner and in an innovative way are Explainer Videos!

Explainer video are basically a type of small animated videos which mainly aims on explaining various types of problems, concept or business ideas in an effective and simple manner. Explanatory videos breaks down a concept into small parts make it easy to understand for the viewers.

What are the various types of Explainer videos?

An explainer video can be of many types. Explainer videos can be classified on the basis of the purpose they are serving. Explainer video production company provides various types of choices and options when you want to create videos.

Lets see the explainer video production styles.

Explanatory videos can be simple animated explainer videos. It can be whiteboard videos as well. Educational videos, marketing videos, whiteboard animation, brand videos, 3D animation video, live action videos all belong to the category of explainer videos.

What does a Explainer video company do?

An explainer video company plays an vital role in supporting a business by creating the best explainer video for them.

A good explainer video production company will create explainer videos and video content with proper research for target audience for a particular company which will convey brand message and sometimes some other types of complex messages. The main goal of an explainer video is to present complex ideas and facts in a simpler way to the clients worldwide. It boosts the marketing strategy of a company by transfixing the attention of customers with short videos consisting of eye catching animation.

The big tech companies usually take the help of animated explained video production company to make the clients aware of the brand, the products and services they cater and supports the marketing strategy of the business. They also play an important role in customer satisfaction.. Many world known brands employ the best explainer video companies and create videos.

The work of video production company for creating an explainer video stands on three important stages namely Pre-production, production and post production.

Performing Market Research about the products

This forms the basis of pre-production stage of creating an explainer video. Before going forward with a project, at first market research is conducted based on the products and the target audience in order to produce videos in the best possible way.

At this stage of video production the creative team creates and forms the timeline of the project, its concept and budget as well.

Collaboration with clients

At this stage of video production, the creative team of the video production companies meet with the clients and discuss about the on going task and the ideas on which the video based. It is important to understand the goal, audience and context of the video styles. Video content is also produced at this stage.

Creating animation and performing the shoot

Based on requirements, shooting is performed with the cast.

Filming the video and recording audio

This is the next stage of video production. Here, voices are recorded based on the pre-written script.

Mixing audio and music tracks

A selection of tracks is done at this stage. When done properly, life becomes easier for everyone. While selecting music, always discuss with the clients and choose a track by style, mood, etc.

Creating animation, motion graphics, and SFX

The animation studio of the explained video company is given the task of creating an animated video. In order to create an animated explainer video, the involvement of special effects and graphics is very important.

Storyboards prove to be a great way to start and support the creating of animated explainer videos. Animated explainer video agency employ such processes for best explainer video production.

Posting and broadcasting the explainer video

Video production companies sometimes also take over the task of organizing and distributing the videos on the media platforms. or on platforms as per the client’s feedback.

Moreover, they also gather analytics to stay on the top.

All of these steps are performed in a timely manner to create personalized videos based on research. Quality work matters.. So this was the production process which an explainer video production company undergoes to create an explainer video.

Why do companies need an explainer video?

Companies need the right explainer video company to create explainer video because it has numerous benefits.

Capturing the attention of the target audience

An explainer film is a very effective technique for capturing the attention of the viewers.

Traditional online information attracts our brain less than entertaining videos. When you see a captivating animated video, your mind tells you to watch it. It’s because it piques your interest and provides you with a fun way to learn new things.

Easier explanation of complex subject matter

According to a poll, around 98 percent of respondents learnt something after seeing an explanation film. Begin by employing innovative and engaging visuals, personalities, and so on to help your audience grasp the significance of your products and services.

An animated explainer film is a great way to put your character in a real-life setting that relates to your business. Your audience will enjoy witnessing your characters face challenges and solve them thanks to your product/service.

Our brain processes pictures 50,000 times faster than words. When advertising a product or service, it is best to allow your audience to read through material that they can rapidly comprehend and understand.

SEO optimization

Including a video on your website may drastically improve visitors.   It is due to traffic, it improves the chances of successful online business. If no one visits your website, your business will cease to exist.

Google is crazy about videos. If you google for any phrase, you will most likely get a list of video on the first page of results. If you include a high-quality video on your website, Google will adore it and you will see an increase in organic traffic.

If you include a video in your material, search engine users are 50% more inclined to locate it. Furthermore, if the video is fascinating, people will spend more time on your page. This sends more good indicators to search engines, increasing your ranks and organic visitors.

The benefit of organic search traffic is that the visits you have from search engines are extremely targeted. This implies that if your material is valuable to them, they are more likely to engage with it and purchase your items.

Increase the conversion rate by leaps and bounds.

Another significant benefit of producing an explanatory film is an increase in conversion rate. Including an explanatory film at the top of your landing page may boost engagement and revenues dramatically.

We discovered that a landing page containing a video may increase conversion rates by up to 80%. Remember that submitting a poor quality video will not work. Instead, it will harm your brand’s reputation. To get exceptional outcomes, you must incorporate intriguing product explanation films.

How much do a Explainer video cost?

Video explainer costs vary from Rs. 3000 onwards and depend upon the kind and complexity of animation required. As a rule of thumb (although not every time) whiteboard videos are the most cost effective, followed by motion graphics videos, then we have character animation, and finally we will have 3D animated videos which are normally the most expensive of the lot.

The cost of explainer videos depend on things like the duration, the number of elements used, the level of customization required and so on. For example if you want to make a 2D character video which has just two characters talking and not anything much more, then it can cost as low as RS. 10000 to Rs. 15000 a minute, but if you want the two characters talking and that too at Pune railway station (and you want the station to look really like the present day Pune railway station) then you are talking about customizing the video with a very specific element, then it can even cost Rs. 35000 – Rs. 40000 a minute or more.

So as we have said the cost is a factor that totally depends on your requirements and you just cannot have an apple to oranges comparison. Apart from that, many video production company also demands extra charges for using extra equipment and also some tips for the photographers and the videographers they are employing. If you want the best explainer video with superior quality, you should expect the prices to rise up.

What are the top 20 video explainer companies in Pune?

Here is a list of Top 20 video explainer makers in Pune, Maharashtra.

  1. Video Explainer Pune (Website: Video Explainer Companies in Pune, Mumbai ( )
  2. The Jigsaw (Website: Corporate Film Production Company | Corporate Movie in Vashi, Navi Mumbai (
  3. Village Talkies (
  4. Brand Animators (Explainer Video Company in India | Animation Video Makers in India (
  5. Vris (Website: Corporate Film Makers in Pune, Corporate Film Production in Pune, Promotional Film makers in Pune, 3d Architectural Walk Through Company in Pune, 2d 3d Animation Companies Pune, Animation Studios in Pune, Video Production Company in Pune, Corporate Presentation Company in Pune, Content Development Companies in Pune, Content Development Editing in Pune, Animation companies in Pune India, 3d animation studio in Pune India, list of 3d animation companies in India, list of top animation companies in India, Animation Studio in India, 2d animation studio in India, Delhi, Mumbai, Best, Big, Flash, Corporate Communication, 360 Degree Videography. ( )
  6. Toolbox Studio ( Website: Best Media Animation & VFX Studios in Pune, India (
  7. Vimito (Website: Vimito | Video Production Company Pune |Interactive Media Service Pune )
  8. Svfx Animation Studio (Website: Animation Studios in Pune Animated Video Production studio SVFX Animation studio)
  9. Atellier (Website: Best Video Production Company For Creative Animation | Atellier Studio)
  10. Kaizen Design Studio (Website: Advertising & Branding Agency| Pune | Kaizen Design Studio )
  11. 24 Media Fusion (Website: 24 Media Fusion)
  12. Reverb Productions ( Website : Reverb Productions – Producers of web series, short films, music videos etc)
  13. Alive Films (Website: Alive Films – Corporate Videos, Industrial Videos, Ad Films Production)
  14. Fortune Media Production (Website: Home – 360-degree Virtual Tour Makers in Pune (
  15. Aperture India (Website: Aperture India)
  16. Malhar Productions Pvt. Ltd (Website:
  17. LMB productions (Website: LMB Productions – A Division of Kuntsler Corp. Making good things better)
  18. Mimo Productions (Website: MIMO Productions in Pune, India)
  19. Animation Planet (Website: Video Marketing Agency In Pune, India | AnimationPlanet (
  20. Ravi Jadhav Productions (Website: Ravi jadhav |pune photographer (@ravi_jadhav_productions) • Instagram photos and videos)

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