How to Make Viral Videos?

Social media is flooding with viral videos every now and then. For the people who don’t know what a viral video is, let us inform you that a ‘viral video’ is a video that reaches to maximum people in less period of time. The content of a viral video can be anything, from humor to reviews of a certain product. Viral videos are easy to make and this is the reason many people are using these as their marketing tool. There are so many viral videos, which have all the necessary elements within them but still do not gain popularity. On the other hand, a simple video turns out so best that is on the front page of every social media.

Now, you might wonder if there is any magical formula or some systematic path to make ‘viral videos’. Well, it is not necessary that every time you make a video, it turns out to be great. If your video is actually viewable and shareable, then it is obvious that is going to be viral. In this article, we will see how to make a good viral video.

The most common elements of viral videos:

  • Low budget
  • Humor
  • Topicality
  • Provocation
  • Surprises

Making a viral video

Now that you know all the elements of a viral video let us start making a viral video. The strategy of your viral video totally depends upon the products and services that you want to be associated with the viral video. Sometimes being offensive works for some brands, but hurts others. Many of the brands do not even choose humor as they find it bad. So before making a video, make sure to align your brand’s tone of voice with the viral video strategy.

When you are sure of the strategy you are going to use, the next thing to consider is the content. Videos with so many likes and views do not need a thousand rupees but all they need are just a few interesting and big ideas. We have some ideas that can come in handy.

Viral Video Piggybacking

One way to enter the viral territory is by piggybacking a current viral video or trend, you can find many viral videos on the front page of social websites, Twitter, or in your inbox itself. Go through all of those, try to remake them but just make sure that you do not copy it as it I, as it can lead to copyright issues.

Viral Videos with Celebrities

Another successful idea is to involve a celebrity in your video. It is not necessary that you choose a big star but at least someone who has already gained some popularity that comes in handy for you. Think about someone who is semi-famous who goes perfectly with your brand and has a following. You would be surprised to see that the followers of that person would be following you and your brand.

Viral Videos with Kids or Animals

Who doesn’t loves kids and animals? Everybody has a soft corner for them because of their genuineness and innocence. Plus, they do not fake any emotions and people always love authentic reactions. This is the reason videos with genuine responses or actions go viral. So, if your idea revolves around these two then you should definitely use them.

Viral Video Songs

Viral video songs are everywhere these days and they drive a good amount of traffic. You can do is, add a song to an existing video, makeup one, mock it, remake it, and name it. When it comes to making songs, do not worry about trying to make some huge hits. All you have to do is make something that is worth using.

Now, Get Your Video Out There

Uploading or posting your videos on YouTube or any other video site is not enough. If you get lucky, then someone with thousands of followers may see it, and Tweet it or repost it. But more often, the videos are unnoticed and you will have to work more on them.

Firstly, send it to as many people as possible, use your network of contacts to help distribute it. Ask them to Tweet about it, put it on FaceBook, on personal blogs, and anywhere else that they have a web presence. The more they publish the links to your videos, the more chance you have of someone clicking that link and hence more views.

The next thing you can do is put it on the big social networking sites like and

Finally, you can contact some editors of some of the biggest sites that link to these videos, a personal email with a link can work wonders. And if it is related to a story they are currently running then it is even better. Sometimes the new websites, will opt and eat up something that is viral as they are the ones always looking for content. You just need to take advantage of every media platform. As it is said you cannot win a lottery unless you buy a ticket, it is the same in the case of viral videos, every link out there for your video is a ticket to the viral fame jackpot.

Follow Up Your Viral Video

If your videos go viral and go from hundreds to thousands and from thousands to millions of views then congratulate yourself as your efforts have been paid off. But, don’t stop there as with your one successful Ad, people would wish to see more from you. So keep making viral videos and increase the number of your viewers.

As now you know how to make a viral video, give it a try and enjoy the success. If you wish to know more about the topic, then visit this blog. Do let us know how helpful this article is for you in the comment section below.

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